Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shaw is finally Dead; Across the Airwaves Rejoices

Everybody sing: ding-dong the Shaw is dead, the wicked Shaw, the Shaw is dead!

Dan and I cannot be happier that Shaw is dead and gone from the show. Those of you that read this blog regularly know we have been calling for the removal of Shaw from the storyline for the last few weeks and are ecstatic that it has finally happened. We were a little surprised that it was Chuck that actually shot and killed Shaw but we understand that it was all heroic and everything… still just surprised by it. Dan and I both understand why Chuck did it and agree we would have made the same decision if someone was threatening the love of our lives. Chuck felt bad about what had to be done, he hesitated and tried every other option, but ultimately it was the only way it could go down and Chuck did what had to be done. Last week when we were discussing how we thought this episode was going to go, Dan thought that if Chuck killed Shaw that it would be an accidental shooting or that Casey would do it. I agreed about the Casey thing because we both thought that Chuck killing Shaw would ruin Chuck and Sarah. I like the way things went down and realize that the only reason Chuck went through with killing Shaw was for Sarah and that he tried to avoid it multiple times. All that being said, Dan and I loved the “shut up and kiss me” scene at the end of the show and felt that it tied the whole episode together.

Did anyone see this coming?

Dan and I throw out quite a few crackpot theories each week and many of them are dead wrong. So when we actually get something correct, I have to mention it. We totally called the fact that Casey and Morgan would team up to save the day and this week’s episode was just the first in a series of times that this will happen. In fact, it was Casey who recommended Morgan become a permanent member of Team Bartowski, which shows that Casey has some genuine feelings for Morgan and Chuck. Also, now that Morgan is an official part of the team, we think that this will allow for some great scenes and a lot of fun between Morgan and General Beckman.

Morgan and Beckman, a match made in heaven. Not!

This last week’s episode was originally scheduled as the season finale in case the show was canceled and because they were not originally scheduled to return until after the Olympics, but now they have been given an additional 6 episodes, which is probably the reason for the 3 week hiatus that we now have to suffer through. Things Dan and I expect to see in the next 6 episodes include: Chuck’s Dad will return, we will see how Morgan fits into the picture and becomes a member of the team, neither of us is really thrilled about the whole Chuck being insane… taken to the asylum preview snippet, and are excited to see how Jeff & Lester will fit into the team. We both agree that Jeffster will not be on the team in an official capacity like Morgan is now because they are not really CIA material, but they will play an important role nevertheless.

Check out this video for what's coming down the pipeline on Chuck.

Being a romantic at heart, one thing that makes TV interesting, but I hate about the way TV shows deal with relationships, is that when two main characters finally get together, they invariably throw some plot twist into the mix that screws everything up. I’m not sure Chuck is going to follow this pattern because I think the fans, myself especially, might riot. I think Chuck & Sarah are going to be together for the long haul (few episodes at a minimum), but the writers will have to find a way for Chuck & Sarah to work together without being all emotional and coupley (yep, I made that word up) while on missions. Dan thinks that Chuck and Sarah will be much looser, have more fun, and work better together now that everything is out in the open and they can be together. Chuck is still going to be Chuck, both the character and the show, but Chuck & Sarah is a good thing and the fans really want them together. Dan and I want to emphasize that this is not going to be like the Clark & Lana catastrophe with them constantly fighting and all the secrets.

Let's hope the relationship on the left doesn't end up like the one on the right.

While any couple will have disagreements and I’m sure we will see a few between the happy couple in future episodes, this will not be the out-of-control fighting or anger we saw in the later stages of the Clark & Lana saga. Dan proposes that the Chuck writers will use the Fantastic Four comic model (not the movies) of a family like team centered around the Reed Richards and Sue Storm relationship. The characters on Chuck seem to have a similar family feel. The team members may have fights, like any family has, but the Chuck & Sarah relationship at heart will keep this family together. Over the next 2 seasons, Dan and I believe that the storyline will build to a Chuck & Sarah marriage and feel that this will be an amazing ending to the series and an opportunity for them to walk away from the spy game. I like this possibility.

Finally, Dan thinks that there is going to be a new focus on Morgan’s love life, especially with the return of Anna in last week’s previews. Also we believe that Morgan will be in every episode for the remainder of the season… no more of these episodes where he is missing in action.

Needless to say, this last week’s episode was an amazing episode and we will all have to suffer through the next 3 weeks without our beloved Chuck.


Last week’s episode was an OK episode, but nothing special in the scheme of things. Dan does not like the Silver Banshee villain from the comics and felt that it was really forced in this episode of the show for very little payoff. The best part of this episode was that Clark and Chloe were finally acting like friends again, having conversations like real friends should have, which we have not seen in a while. For example, the conversation about Clark’s issues with having sex shows how great of friend Clark & Chloe really are to be able to discuss such intimate details. Also, the bathroom scene was great. Dan described the embarrassment between Clark & Chloe like a brother and sister moment. Yeah, I’ll pass on seeing my sister naked. Dan and I felt that the character material from this episode was excellent and that we will see more Oliver & Chloe in the next few weeks (which was correct if you have seen this week’s episode). This could make for an interesting subplot for the remainder of the season.

What do you think of Chloe and Oliver in a relationship? Let us know.

I was rooting hardcore for Zod to kill Tess in the scene in Clark’s barn where he was holding her up by the throat, but of course it did not happen. The Tess and Zod scenes this week were even more annoying than usual for a Tess scene and were completely unnecessary to the plot line for this week’s episode. Dan brought up an excellent question… why are they meeting in Clark’s barn? That is kinda silly. Why not meet at the mansion? It made much more sense for Zod to be at Clark’s house at the end of the episode because Zod sees Clark as his enemy/competition and he was doing recon on his enemy.

After almost ten years of Meteor Freaks, Luthors and whatever else, this barn really needs a security system.

Zod wants to become a version of Superman or a perversion of Superman… what he sees Superman/Blur to be. Zod wants the worship of the humans, but does not necessarily want the responsibility of being the Blur/Superman and will use his new powers to attempt to usurp Clark as the Blur. Dan and I believe that Zod will act as the Blur and that will be what ultimately causes the conflict between them to come to a head and lead to Zod's death in the season finale.

Will Zod posing as The Blur return our Hero back to his red and blues? Tune in Fridays at 8/7c.

Zod is going to reveal himself to the world as the Blur and attempt to usurp Clark’s role in protecting Metropolis and the world and we believe that in this struggle Chloe may be killed as a result. Dan suggested that since Chloe is Clark’s only tie to Smallville and his life back there, that Zod may kill her in hopes that this will remove his motivation to be the Blur. If this occurs, it will more likely be the event that forces Clark to become Superman in Season 10. That will be a great final season!


FlashForward from two weeks ago was excellent. I really enjoyed this episode because it pushed the plot forward. We learned about the original test in Africa, that they killed all the original subjects of that experiment to keep it secret, we learned that Demetri might be the father of Janice’s baby (some thought Stan or Simon, but Demetri could be awesome). Dan and I thought from the Charlie Benford vision that CIA Agent Marshall Vogel might be the mole, but I soon realized that this is unlikely because he wasn’t around in the early part of the show; however he shot the guy in Africa and prevented his vision from coming true. (NOTE: For those of you who have seen this past week’s episode, you know who the mole is and we will discuss this in detail next week).

Between these three men, who do you think is the Father of Janice's baby?

Dan and I have the theory that the FlashForward visions that everyone had were possibilities of the future and the show is the whittling down of possibilities to the actual/true timeline and that this theory makes for a very viable plotline for the remainder of the season. However, the future is not going to magically happen on its own, rather you still have to make your future happen. This seems to be the theme of the show as we go forward. If you see your future, you can always change it. This is a classic science fiction theme and every SciFi plot that has dealt with the future has shown that the future is always in motion… the future can always be changed. Dan and I call this the Back to the Future idea. Mark and Demetri’s futures do not have to play out the way they have seen them.

Need help in understanding the the cause of the Flash Forwards? Then call the Doc.

We still feel that the show is failing to get us interested in the characters and Dan is specifically worried about the lack of consistent character development. We are both worried that if the FlashForward plot is resolved at the end of the season (by stopping the next FlashForward or finding the perpetrators), there will be nothing to keep the show going because the audience is not vested in the characters. This could cause the show to run into a Heroes scenario where the audience asks… How many times can we save the world? 24 anyone? How many times can they prevent another FlashForward?


This week’s introduction of Tyler’s father to the plot was significant because both Dan and I believe that the dad storyline is going to play a big part in the future of the show. We learned from this episode that Tyler’s dad, played by Nicholas Lea of X-Files fame, is not the jerk that we were led to believe from earlier episodes. He left Erica and Tyler, but now we don’t know why and are greatly intrigued. (NOTE: I’ve been misnaming Tyler and calling him Kyle for some unknown reason so looking back at the last few posts substitute Tyler for where I accidentally called him Kyle).

Nicholas Lea as Agent Alex Krycek on the X-Files (left) and Joe Evans on V (right).

I have a crackpot theory that Tyler is half V and half human. This would mean that he would have to have been adopted by Erica and Joe Evans and that he may actually be the son of John May and a human woman who did not survive the pregnancy… we learn about the issues from Ryan and the V doctor. This theory has plenty of holes in it, but I still think it has some validity, especially after the comment between Erica and Joe about telling him who he is, where he comes from. What exactly does that mean? Does Anna know? (No, and likely he is not half V or it would have come to their attention when doing those tests on him, unless him being a hybrid rather than a V in human skin hides him from their scans… see some validity). What is Anna’s plan for Tyler? Dan and I discussed the obvious assumption that she wants Tyler to father a child with Lisa that would be a hybrid half human half V child. We also discussed the possibility that Lisa will have be carrying a hybrid child with emotions and wondered if maybe she would be overcome by the emotions of the fetus (like Darla in the Angel series was overcome by the soul of Conner while she was pregnant with him because his soul was inside her and made her feel all the evil she had done as a vampire).

Lisa maybe already becoming susceptible to human emotions and Dan thinks that this may become more apparent as she spends more time off the ship at Tyler’s dad’s house. I think their romance will lead to both of them realizing that Tyler is not fully human and she may begin feeling emotions and rebel against her mother because she realizes the power and goodness of having these emotions. Both Dan and I think regardless of how it happens, both Tyler and Lisa will become intricate in the resistance against the Vs.

Will this romance save the world?

Villains inevitably show their Achilles heel and we believe Anna’s will be emotions. As the resistance grows and the fifth column grows bolder and stronger, she will become angrier and angrier and will lose the control over her own emotions. Anger will be Anna’s downfall.

Emotions, an evil V's brand of Kryptonite.

Finally, it was good to see Fr. Jack reach out to the report Chad Decker. Dan and I both think that Chad will eventually come over to the resistance side once he sees the light. We think that he may stay in his position as the “patsy reporter,” but stealthily feed information to the resistance. He will continue to act as Anna’s patsy on TV, but actually will be working against her and for the resistance… once he finally get wise to what they are actually up to.

Chad Decker, what's this guy's deal?

Will they kill Georgie off or rescue him? I think they will rescue him, but it may be too late and he will have caved to the torture and exposed at least one of their identities, but I don’t think they all will be exposed. Georgie may surprise us and not give in to the torture or will provide false intelligence and completely lead the Vs on the wrong path. We will just have to see on Tuesday.

Human Target:

Mark Valley as Christopher Chance and Amy Acker as Chance's lost love, Katherine Walters.

This week’s show is going to be awesome!!! Amy Acker will be guest staring… I LOVE HER. We will finally see Chance’s origin story and see how he went from hitman to hero/protector. Also we will see the origin stories of Winston and Guerrero. Amy Acker is going to be the Katherine character we have heard so much about in the last few episodes and the love interest that changed Chance’s life forever. Dan and I are both very excited to see this week’s episode.

Well that is way more than enough for this week. Keep up the participation. Until next week, “shut up and kiss me!”


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